RCDSS is a RADIOSS code user club. The goal of this organization is to facilitate exchanges between users of RADIOSS finite element software in the fields of defense, safety and security.
The RADIOSS computer code is a powerful tool , recognized and widely used in many fields. The defense , safety and security circles dealing with very specific and often sensitive issues , it seemed natural and sensible to bring together the different users of the code in these areas.
The purpose of RADIOSS Club Defense Safety Security is to collectively enhance the use of RADIOSS and to think toghether about its optimization to meet the peculiarities of our scopes.

In this context , the club has the following objectives :
  • Provide members with opportunities to meet ( seminar, conferences ... )
  • Promote Altair developments that are specific to defense , safety and security domains
  • Promote the dissemination of "good practices" for the optimal use of RADIOSS
  • Identify needs and expectations from members of the club about future versions of RADIOSS
  • Explore practical solutions to technical challenges met by our members
  • Create national networks as parts of a bigger federation - Here's a link to the french club

You can inquire here about the RCDSS project:
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